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Dental Hygienist Services in London

Brushing and flossing daily is essential, but it alone can't remove plaque build-up from between your teeth and around your gums. A good dental regimen should include at-home care and seeing a dental hygienist regularly for cleanings. An experienced dental hygienist at Cosmo Dental Centre in London will remove this plaque with specialized instruments.

Because we use ultrasonic cleaning tools, we can complete this treatment in one sitting. Contact us to book an appointment with a dental hygienist in London today.

Benefits of Seeing a Dental Hygienist in London

Visiting a dental hygienist at our London clinic has many benefits, including:

  1. It helps prevent oral health issues. Regular dental visits help you avoid significant oral health problems like gum disease, tooth decay, cancer and other oral health illnesses.

  2. You’ll have a brighter smile. Plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth can cause discolouration over time. With regular cleanings by your dental hygienist, you’ll feel more confident about flashing your pearly whites in public.

  3. It helps maintain fresh breath. Professional dental cleaning prevents germs from accumulating and keeps your mouth healthy and your breath fresh.

  4. It saves money. Routine checkups and X-rays safeguard you against tooth disorders that might go undiscovered, which can develop into expensive conditions to repair and treat.

  5. You’ll learn how to better care for your teeth. If you have braces or other orthodontic devices, a dental hygienist can teach you how to best clean and care for them.

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Why Choose Our Dental Hygienist Services in London

Here’s what sets Cosmo Dental Centre apart from other dental hygienist services in London:

  1. We have a dedicated and experienced team. Cosmo Dental Centre boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced dental hygienists who stay updated on the latest developments in dental hygiene and continually enhance and upgrade their skills. We create a welcoming and comfortable environment, making each visit an enjoyable experience for patients.

  2. We use cutting-edge technology and techniques. We stay at the forefront of dental technology and techniques and invest in advanced dental cleaning instruments and diagnostic tools to provide the most efficient and effective treatments available.

  3. We offer comprehensive, patient-centric care. We provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs. This commitment to comprehensive care ensures that every aspect of your oral health is addressed.

Cosmo Dental Centre has helped thousands of people enjoy a healthier, more beautiful smile. Read what they have to say about our dental hygienist services in London.

Cosmo Dental Centre’s Dental Hygienist Services in London: What to Expect

Here's what you can expect during a dental hygienist appointment:

  1. Oral hygiene assessment. The appointment begins with a review of your medical and dental history to identify any medical conditions or medications that might affect your oral health. A comprehensive examination of your head, neck, tongue, gums, teeth and other areas of your mouth will be conducted.

  2. Scaling. This step involves the removal of plaque and tartar build-up from your teeth and below the gumline.

  3. Polishing and stain removal. After scaling, your teeth are polished to remove surface stains and make your teeth look and feel smoother. Polishing is typically done using a polishing paste and a polishing cup or brush.

  4. Desensitization and fluoride treatment. Fluoride may be applied to your teeth to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce the risk of demineralization. Your hygienist might also provide desensitizing treatments if you have sensitive teeth.

  5. Sealants. Dental sealants are thin resin coatings that fill in deep grooves and fissures to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Not everyone may need sealants, so your hygienist will assess whether this measure is suitable for you.

  6. Mouthguards and sport guards. If you require a mouthguard or sports guard to protect your teeth during physical activities, the hygienist can take impressions of your teeth to create a custom-fitted guard for you.

You don’t require a local anesthetic because our approach is painless. However, if there’s any kind of gum damage or condition, our dentist will administer something to numb the spot.

Click here to learn more about how to prepare for your teeth cleaning with a Cosmo Dental Centre dental hygienist in London.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about teeth cleaning.

  • Q. How painful are cosmetic dentistry procedures, and how long will it take to recover?
    A. Many cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive and relatively painless. Downtime varies by the type of treatment, with some requiring no downtime and others just a short recovery period. We can provide specific information for your chosen procedure.
  • Q. Are cosmetic dentistry results permanent?
    A. The longevity of cosmetic dentistry results depends on factors like the type of procedure, oral care and lifestyle habits. Some treatments can last for years, and others may require occasional maintenance. Regular dental check-ups, teeth cleanings and good oral hygiene practices help extend the life of cosmetic dentistry treatments.
  • Q. What financing options are available for cosmetic dentistry procedures?
    A. Cosmetic dentistry costs can vary depending on the treatment. Many dental practices are covered under private insurance plans. Cosmo Dental Centre also offers flexible payment plans to suit any budget. Don’t hesitate to discuss financial options with us so we can find a plan that works for your budget.

Book Your Teeth Cleaning with a Dental Hygienist in London Today

At Cosmo Dental Centre in London, Ontario, we have experienced and qualified dental hygienists offering comprehensive dental cleanings and checkups in a welcoming and relaxing environment. For those who’ve never visited our clinic before, we offer free initial consultations to new patients. To book an appointment with a dental hygienist, contact us today.

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Get your New Patient Dental Exam, Dental Xrays & Dental Cleaning Today!

At Cosmo Dental Centre, we have experienced and qualified dental hygienists offering comprehensive dental cleanings and checkups.

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