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Dental fillings for children: what parents should know

Despite maintaining good oral hygiene from a young age, your child can still get cavities and may require a dental filling. Promptly removing decay prevents further damage that could lead to tooth loss. Here’s an overview of the filling procedure and a few tips for maintaining your child’s oral health.

A child having a dental filling procedure at the dentist

Types of dental fillings for children

Fillings can be placed on both baby and adult teeth. At Cosmo Dental Clinic in London, Ontario, we offer various filling materials for children.

· Amalgam fillings are known for their durability and strength. These fillings are an affordable option and last over ten years.

· Composite resin fillings can be made to match your child’s tooth colour, making them blend seamlessly with their natural teeth.

· Porcelain and ceramic fillings are known for their natural appearance. They’re stain-resistant and tooth-coloured. However, porcelain and ceramic fillings tend to be more expensive than other filling materials.

Before choosing the type of dental filling material, the dentist will discuss the available options and ensure you’re comfortable with the decision.

The dental filling procedure

The tooth-filling procedure is quick, simple and completely safe. First, the dentist will provide your child with a local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience. Then, the dentist will carefully remove the decay from the affected tooth using a drill. Once the decay has been removed, the small hole in the tooth is prepared for the filling material. Lastly, the filling material is placed, and the procedure is over.

After the procedure, encourage your child to brush and floss regularly and avoid sticky or hard foods that could compromise the filling’s integrity.

Preparing your child for a filling

Getting a filling can be a scary experience for a child, and preparing them for the procedure beforehand can ease some of their worries. Explain the process in child-friendly terms so they can understand and offer positive reinforcement to alleviate any anxiety. At Cosmo Dental Clinic, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to fostering a comfortable and positive atmosphere.

Tips for maintaining your child’s oral health

If you want to keep your child’s teeth in top shape, regular brushing and flossing is essential. It’s also a good idea to encourage healthy eating habits and limit your child’s intake of sugary snacks and drinks to prevent cavities. Instill in your child the importance of oral care in a fun way, making it a positive part of their routine. Finally, schedule regular dental check-ups to catch issues early and prevent serious complications down the line.

Family and children’s dentist in London, Ontario

Prioritizing your child’s oral hygiene promotes their overall well-being, now and into their adult years. At Cosmo Dental Clinic, we proudly offer various children's dental services, including fillings, dental cleanings and exams, to help maintain your child’s beautiful smile. We offer free consultations to all new patients so we can create an oral care plan for your child’s unique needs. Contact us today in London, Ontario, to learn more about our family dentistry services.


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